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NEWS > 2019
21 Feb 2019:
Still alive! Sorry for the long radio silence...I'll be relaunching my website soon, so it will be easier to update. In the meantime you can check out the old news below by clicking on the year.
NEWS > 2016
11 Aug 2016:
Back in Germany again. Teaching, freezing, eating pretzels.

preview Germany
09 Aug 2016:
I was approached to do some titles and compositing for two bigger artists, PJ Harvey & The Rolling Stones. While compositing isn't a daily thing for me (unlike animation) and it seemed like a good challenge I accepted. Obviously I won't upload the finished material for copyright reasons.

preview PJ Harvey & Stones
31 Mar 2016:
UK artist SBTRKT has released a new project and I was approached to create a trailer for it. Using the strong help of Laurie Hill, this is the outcome: SBTRKT - Save Yourself

preview SBTRKT
01 Mar 2016:
For a video for Fashion Label Anya Hindmarch I got to work with director Bouha Kazmi. Since he was at that time also working on the video for "Pillowtalk" by Zayn I did some quick work on that too. And why not?

preview Zayn
17 Feb 2016:
In the beginning of this year I was working and rotoscoping and animating with Lewis Kyle White, who directed this video for Shura. Fun, but a strain on the wrists. Shura - Touch (ft. Taliib Kweli)

preview Shura
1 Jan 2016:
Back in India for a few months. Teaching, sweating, eating mangoes.

preview India
NEWS > 2015
8 Dec 2015:
I recently finished a little music video for the Swedish band Navelin. Since I'm about to finally redesign my Animation section I'll just post the Vimeo link for now: Navelin - Daydream

preview Navelin
3 Nov 2015:
For this quirky music video for Jodie Abacus (dir. Kent Hugo) I got the opportunity to do what I enjoy: Animated type, morphs and singing mouths. Have a look on Vimeo: "Jodie Abacus - Good Feeling".

preview Jodie Abacus
3 Nov 2015:
I guess I should update this section again. So there were two more graphical jobs I finished a while back: Titles for a BBC documentary called "The Posto Code" and some compositing plus typography for Eric Clapton's "Slowhand at 70" film. For legal reasons I'm not posting any videos this time.

preview Posto Code
3 Jun 2015:
Vigorsol is an extremely cool chewing gum. It's so extremely cool that Laurie Hill got to direct this funny video, which we then realized as a trio (Laurie, Bill Porter and myself). Check it out (Italian version).

preview Vigorsol
3 Jun 2015:
There's a new video by Ben & Ross and I'm responsible for most of the animation in there, yo. That means creating loads of neon signs, doing rotoscopy and drawing that 80ies lightning animation. Lots of work, lots of fun, some revisions, finished. Have a look at the end result here.

preview Børns
13 Jan 2015:
This video for U2's "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight" was the interpretation of the song by street artist ROA. Director Wim Reygaert did a swell job coordinating between ROA and myself, so I could concentrate on what was important: leading the small animation team (I had great support from Laurie Hill). It's not officially online (you might get lucky searching for it) so to keep things legal here's the iTunes link.

preview U2
NEWS > 2014
24 Nov 2014:
Did some effects and stuff for "The Script - No Good In Goodbye", directed by Charlie & Alex from Lightening productions. Here's the video.

preview Script
12 Sep 2014:
So there's this new film I directed/animated. It's based on a poem by Julietta Fix, all hand-drawn and almost 10 minutes long. It's gonna be shown at some festivals first, so I'll upload it after a while here.

preview Transit
9 Aug 2014:
Matt Robertson made a music promo for Sleepyface, the track is called "Salty Guest". I was asked to add some animated parts, so I created some cute monsters, all with the same (sleepy) face. Head over to the Animation section to see the animated parts.

preview Sleepyface
9 Aug 2014:
For British supergroup McBusted I had the chance to work on the tour visuals. The track I animated was "She said no", plus parts for "What I go to school for". Look it up on Youtube, there are plenty of fan-recordings.

preview McBusted
9 Aug 2014:
Well, now's a good time as any for updates. After years of work the Radio Soulwax show has finally come to an end. 24 hours of audiovisual pleasure plus countless live animations. Truly a project of epic size (and I usually don't use that word). The very last hour is the icing on the cake, have a look here. While you're there also have a look at the other videos. The difference between when I started animating with "Introversy" and the latest work is quite big. It was tons of fun.

preview Radio Soulwax
17 Mar 2014:
The video for "Doom x Clarks" is out. I did the animated bits on this one. I like the simplicity of it. Directed by Charlie & Joe from Forever Pictures. Here you go. Gonna put it up in the Animation section after a while.

preview Clarks
05 Feb 2014:
For BlinkInk I did some quick last minute work on this KIA commercial. It turned out nicely.

preview KIA
NEWS > 2013
21 Nov 2013:
The Hip Hoppers from 'The Seige' have a new song. It's accompanied by a video from Matt Robertson Film. The animated bits are by me. Head over to the Animation section and have a look.

preview The Seige
09 Sept 2013:
Check this out, BBC Radio 1 has a new ident. I was working with LKW on the animated bits, a lot of the drawn animations were done by me. Have a look here: Vimeo. The video will be in my Animation section soon, I'm just switching to html5 videos at the moment...will take a bit. UPDATE: It's done. And here.

preview BBC Radio One
01 Sept 2013:
I'm now officially living in Germany again. New address can be seen in the contact section. I'll be in Augsburg for a while before moving to a bigger city in a few months.

preview Germany
25 June 2013:
"Principles of a Protagonist": the new film from Willis Earl Beal in the typical sketchy style is finally out. With the help of some good students and a rotoscopy artist I animated the complete piece (yes, it took ages). Have a look! Vimeo video here, I'll put it in my Animation section after a while. UPDATE: the while is over, it's in the Animation section.

preview Rex the Dog
02 May 2013:
Rex the Dog, Rex the Dog and even more Rex the Dog! His new 12" is out, and apart from creating new live visuals I was working on the new music video (compositing/cleanup), the label and cover stickers as well as the making-of video (editing/compositing).

preview Rex the Dog
02 May 2013:
For I did a small looped animation. Head over there and see if you can find it. And be sure to check out all of the content, there's brilliant stuff to be found there!

preview christmasgifs
02 May 2013:
Two of my students at DSK Supinfocom conceptualized and directed our very own DSK Supinfocom TV commercial. Well done! I was tasked with supervising the production, but I also animated the end sequence and did some compositing on the final thing. I'll post the link to the video once it's out.

preview Supinfocom ad
02 May 2013:
David Wilson directed this cool piece for Tame Impala. It has animated sequences, some of which I had the pleasure of working on. See the full video here.

preview Tame Impala
02 May 2013:
I haven't been very active in updating this news section, as I was extremely busy. Updates follow. Happy new year etc.
NEWS > 2012
09 Oct 2012:
What's new? I've been working on a few projects ranging from new live visuals for Rex the Dog, a bit of animation work on an IKEA spot for David Wilson and a fashion clip in the "Little Miss" style. Current projects are a new animation for Willis Earl Beal, an animated short film of 10 minutes for Fixpoetry and plenty of new Radio Soulwax animations. Stay tuned!

preview Oct12
11 Apr 2012:
Tabitha Denholm (Partizan) created this weird and colourful fashion film for Markus Lupfer. I had the opportunity to do the animated parts (graphics & backgrounds) for this short piece of craziness. It can be watched by clicking on this exclusive link.

preview Markus Lupfer
19 Feb 2012:
This animated music promo was done for XL Recordings through Forever Pictures. Based on Willis' idea and sketches, I brought the thing to life with the help of a few dedicated students. The simple lines and animation work well with the song. You can watch it in my Animation section or on the website of Forever Pictures.

preview Willis
01 Jan 2012:
In December we saw the launch of DSK Supinfocom's very own animation festival. I had the pleasure to design the event from scratch. Logo, website, print material, you name it. Exhausting and fun. More details in the Communication Design section.

preview Lumiere
NEWS > 2011
18 Oct 2011:
New Illustration just for my own, selfish pleasure. To be seen in the Illustration section.

preview Smokey Eyes
06 Jul 2011:
Last week the stream and app for Radio Soulwax was finally launched. It took more than two years to find and animate the sleeves, there are 24 hours in total, a new one will be added every monday until all of them are online. Detailed credits are on the radio website.

preview Radio
02 Apr 2011:
It took a while, but finally all the header graphics have been updated for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, I will insert new ones whenever I have some time.
08 Jan 2011:
Miao Miao is a new mediterranean restaurant in Goa, India. I had the pleasure of creating the logo & print media. The logo can be inspected in the Communication Design section.

preview miao
NEWS > 2010
11 Nov 2010:
New illustrations for in the Illustration section.

preview illustration
26 Oct 2010:
During the next few weeks I'll update the header graphics for my website, as it's time for something new. Keep checking back for new illustrations, the latest one can be seen right on top of this page.
01 Oct 2010:
I was hired by Colonel Blimp to coordinate the animation team for this music video for The Japanese Popstars. It was so well organised that I could concentrate on animating rather than coordinating. To be watched in the Animation section or here (Colonel Blimp). Enjoy.

preview japanese popstars
31 May 2010:
Some new sketches can be seen in the Illustration section.

preview sketches
20 May 2010:
This short animation was intended to be a part of a promo video for the Arctic Monkeys. However, the visual style got changed so we didn't use it in the end. Still, it can be watched in the Animation section.

preview arctic monkeys
02 Apr 2010:
This one is actually an illustration work in progress for myself. I'll probably never finish it, so the almost finished piece is in the Illustration section.

preview sketches
11 Feb 2010:
For the Supinfocom Filmfest, which is screening across India, I did posters in various sizes as well as the web banner ad. An example can be seen in the Communication Design section.

preview sketches
11 Feb 2010:
New year, new address, new job. I'm currently enjoying teaching the 'kids' at Supinfocom in India some good ole' Communication Design and After Effects Animation. Have a look at the CV and the Contact page for more info.

preview sketches
NEWS > 2009
15 Dec 2009:
A new drawing for has been finished. To be seen in the Illustration section.

preview sketches
28 Nov 2009:
This year's 'Olympic Spirit' video by Johnny Kelly is out. I did the 2D animation on which the paper frames are based. You can watch it here (Nexus) or in the Animation section.

preview sketches
09 Nov 2009:
I love doodling, as it's relaxing and fun. And I love sharing. So there's two new sketches to be found in the Illustration section, filed under 'Sketches'.

preview sketches
05 Nov 2009:
The video for Example's 'Watch the Sun Come Up' is out. Exhausting but fun, I was responsible for the art direction and some animations. Watch it here (Partizan) or in the Animation section. Also, have a look at the image in the Illustration section.

preview example
05 Nov 2009:
Check out some of the awesome footage of the 2manydjs live show on Youtube. I had a brilliant team of skilled animators/directors to help me on this project. There's more to come, keep your eyes open.

preview 2manydjs
05 Nov 2009:
New illustration for See the full sized one in the Illustration section.

preview down
05 Nov 2009:
American Yard's 'No You Didn't' is out, I did some of the animation on it. Enjoy it here (Partizan) or in the Animation section.

preview american yard
05 Nov 2009:
The new website is done. Since I hadn't updated the old one in a while all the news are now gonna come at once, so don't be confused about everything happening on the same day. I'm not THAT quick...yet!